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The Provocatress

As a curvy woman, I love to honor and accentuate my curves. Over the years it has proven difficult to find anything that appealed to my personal sense of sexy.
And as unfortunate as that was, it motivated me to create a business that would appeal to every body type. 


La Femme Provocateur was born out of frustration for what was missing in the voluptuous community. While I created LFP to cater to the plus size/curvy community, I've done my best to make it unmistakenly apparent that my goal is to be inclusive of ALL women; because there's a perfect garment for every body, and every body deserves it's perfect piece(s). 

It's my mission and goal for each of us to find the garments that highlight our "PROVOCATRESS" and honor our bodies the way they are meant to be loved and honored.



La Femme